Choosing the Best Car For Your Road Trip


It’s finally that time of the year when you decide to take a road trip you’ve been planning for so long.
The most important decision at this point is which is the best vehicle for the job. Which car to Rent under
these circumstances is not an easy decision.


Your Car Rental budget will depend on the type of vehicle required.

1) Two door Coupe – When the Ride matters as much as the destination

2) Four door Sedan – When just the right space matters

3) SUV – When the passengers size demand a bigger vehicle.


A young couple without kids their main priority would be a Sporty Coupe with a
good drive to add excitement to the experience.
However the extent of excitement will depend on the weather conditions during the trip. In summer a convertible
top would be ideal to make it a memorable experience, while in winter a top would be of great importance.

A sedan would be ideal for a family with 4 to 5 members . As it has enough space for the members easily without
additional cost of renting an SUV.

If you are planning a trip with your friends, or family. The higher the number of passengers the more spacious car will be required. A group of friends going in a road trip exceeding 5 members SUV will be the perfect choice due to its size which can accommodate up to 8+ members easily.


Coupe’s fuel efficiency can be expensive if your main priority is a sporty coupe with a great ride, and good horse power. This will add to the fuel cost. It is best to make sure to check the mileage efficiency the car gives relative to the patrol consumption.
Your final decision can be based on choosing a coupe which has more efficiency to meet your budget requirement.


The proximity / distance of the destination needs careful consideration for below reasons:

1) Fuel Cost – the further the destination the bigger budget will be required on fuel which includes round trip charges.

2) How much time you want to enjoy at the destination – Make sure to subtract time it takes to get to destination and return home which will give you exact idea of how much time for total trip you require without rushing home to meet other committments.

3) Weather/ Climate – A sunny weather climate would be ideal for any vehicle however traveling through Snow will be another story and more focus will needed on ABS brakes for a smooth ride.

Consider below points in choosing a good Car Rental Company:

  • Customer Reviews – you may google reviews on your local rental companies.
  • Customer Service – Is there a 24 hour Customer Service available to answer your questions or emergencies while you are on your trip
  • Domestic branches – Is there a network of branches available if something goes wrong with the car it can be replaced easily.


Finally consider below points before finalizing the Rental
Car Company:

  • Large selection of Cars
  • Size of Staff of customer service
  • Size of the Branch network across different
  • 24 hour presence through phone line

As outlined above consider this article when budgeting your next trip and remember the selection of the right Rental Company there post-rental service is just as important as gathering all the information needed to budget your trip correctly.